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OpenStack Trove Today and Tomorrow: An Interview with Doug Shelley, Tesora VP of R&D

We recently connected with Doug Shelley, our VP of R&D to get his point of view on the world of OpenStack Trove.  Over the past year, his team has directly contributed to the Trove project. This gives them unique perspective on the successes and challenges of bringing Database as a Service (DBaaS) to the OpenStack Party. DougS-highres.jpg

What makes you excited about contributing to the OpenStack Trove project?

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Database as a Service Offers a Golden Opportunity for Cloud Providers

The cloud industry is in a very peculiar position when it comes to the enterprise.Datacenter_servers_0.jpg

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Self-Service Database Administration: Not as Scary as it Sounds

For the past half-century or more, the overriding purpose of IT has been control and management of the data environment. Provisioning new resources, integrating disparate data environments, overseeing network flow and client connectivity: these are all important tasks, but frankly they have become repetitive and mundane – doing a disservice to the skillsets that modern data center technicians have acquired and the salaries they command.canstockphoto9423670_0.jpg

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Recorded OpenStack Online Meetup: OpenStack Trove Update - Juno, Kilo and Beyond

Our CTO Amrith Kumar shares what is new in Trove in Juno release, community plans for the Kilo release, and his thoughts on the recent OpenStack Summit in Paris.







New Infographic: Making Sense of OpenStack

Making Sense of OpenStack in the Juno Release

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Scaling Your Data Horizontally on the OpenStack MagnetoDB Project

In this installment from OpenStack Trove Day, Keith Newstadt, Technical Director/Architect, Symantec Corp discusses a new OpenStack project called MagnetoDB that's delivering NoSQL databases as a service on OpenStack. In partnership with Mirantis, the project focuses on horizontally scaling NoSQL capabilities without a user having to deploy and operate their own NoSQL cluster. Newstadt reviews the API and the underlying NoSQL technologies used for this project. In addition, he does a live demo, showing how easy and fast it is to query a large dataset.

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OpenStack Paris Summit Could be a Turning Point for Project

7664034712_68ac5d5940_z_0.jpgWe are about a week away from the OpenStack Summit in Paris and it's worth doing a little soul searching before the community gathers in the City of Lights. The project has arrived hasn't it?

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Announcing DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition Version 1.2

We’re excited to announce the release of Tesora DBaaS Platform 1.2 Enterprise Edition (EE), including the DBaaS Controller and Guest Images. This release updates the Tesora DBaaS Platform EE from version 1.1 (which was based on OpenStack 2014.1, also known as Icehouse) to 1.2 which is based on OpenStack 2014.2 (Juno).

The Juno release of OpenStack Trove now supports MySQL replication, a capability that was earlier released as part of DBaaS Platform version 1.1, and support for simple MongoDB clustering, and a host of other features.


Short Stack: Mirantis gets $100M, OpenStack powers CERN, Juno reviewed

short stack_b small_0_0.jpgWelcome to the Short Stack, our weekly feature where we search for the most intriguing OpenStack links to share with you. These links may come from traditional publications or company blogs, but if it's about OpenStack, we'll find the best links we can to share with you every week.

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OpenStack Paris -- Everything You Wanted to Know About Trove but Didn't Know Whom to Ask

The OpenStack Summit in Paris is just two weeks away and I’m looking forward to joining Nikhil Manchanda, the Trove Project Technical Lead and principal engineer working at HP Cloud, for our session Everything You Wanted to Know About Trove but Didn't now Whom to Ask.

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