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Slides and Recording of Webinar: An Introduction to Database as a Service on OpenStack using Trove

Here are the slides and recording for yesterday's joint webinar by Mirantis and Tesora on February 26, 2015. It discussed OpenStack, Database as a Service and the OpenStack Trove Project. The speakers were Kamesh Pemmaraju of Mirantis and Ken Rugg of Tesora.


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Correct Prediction: HP Signs Deal with OpenStack Customer Deutsche Bank

hand1.pngAt the end of last year, I wrote an article about my predictions for 2015.  One of my predictions was that one of the big players like HP, IBM, or Red Hat will announce the first OpenStack customer deal worth $100 million. That sounded like a big number to me, but since Mirantis had closed a $30 million deal with Ericsson in 2014, it sounded about right, especially as some of the big guys are moving into the market. 


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The Cloud by the Numbers

Recent research shows how the cloud is being deployed and why.Fotolia_66990937_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpg

Sometimes, when a new technology is expanding rapidly, it can be difficult to see exactly how it is playing out. We know something is happening out there, but we can’t say exactly what and we can’t see all the ramifications.

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Tesora DBaaS, OpenStack Trove and Oracle Databases

oracle.jpgIt is no secret that OpenStack Trove project to date has focused support on open source databases.

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OpenStack Vancouver Summit: Time to Vote!

medium_openstack logo_1.pngOpenStack Vancouver Summit is just a few months away and it's time to vote on presentations. There are over 1,100 topics pitched for presentations, including panel discussions and how-to sessions.  

We have several proposals that we feel are important to the community and are looking for your support.  Here are our submissions:

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The List of OpenStack Distributions Keeps Growing

OpenStack_Choices.jpgIt’s been said that sometimes the only thing worse than no choices is too many choices. If that is the case, the enterprise could be in a jam when it comes to cloud architectures.

The number of OpenStack distributions is getting larger every day, and they are starting to incorporate wildly divergent ancillary feature that will make it difficult to identify the right solution for the task at hand.

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OpenStack Trove adds to core team

Trove_midcycle_group_2015_02_05.jpgDuring the OpenStack Trove Mid-cycle Meetup this week, we had a lengthy discussion about how our community is working and explored ways that we could enhance our core reviewer team.


OpenStack Development: Getting Easier All the Time

OpenStack_Developer.jpgDeveloping software on an open platform is a challenge. This is why solutions like OpenStack have drawn such passionate followings: coders love a good challenge.

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Trove Mid-cycle update

seattle-waterfront-1432780-m.jpgI’m really thrilled to be in Seattle for the Trove Mid-Cycle meetup that is starting tomorrow. It will be great to meet the other developers on the OpenStack Trove project who are coming in from all over for this meeting.

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