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Short Stack: Mirantis gets $100M, OpenStack powers CERN, Juno reviewed

short stack_b small_0_0.jpgWelcome to the Short Stack, our weekly feature where we search for the most intriguing OpenStack links to share with you. These links may come from traditional publications or company blogs, but if it's about OpenStack, we'll find the best links we can to share with you every week.

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OpenStack Paris -- Everything You Wanted to Know About Trove but Didn't Know Whom to Ask

The OpenStack Summit in Paris is just two weeks away and I’m looking forward to joining Nikhil Manchanda, the Trove Project Technical Lead and principal engineer working at HP Cloud, for our session Everything You Wanted to Know About Trove but Didn't now Whom to Ask.

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OpenStack Online Meetup with Ken Rugg

Ken Rugg recently talked with Rafael Knuth on the OpenStack Online Meetup.

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Juno is here: What’s new in OpenStack Trove?

With the RC1 of Juno now available, it is a good time to summarize the new things that are in the release.

Of primary interest to end-users of Trove are the following:

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Managing MongoDB, Riak, MariaDB and Oracle on Trove – An OpenStack Trove Day Panel Discussion

CTO and Founder Amrith Kumar moderates a panel discussion with a group of industry veterans on how different databases fit into Trove. He is joined by Ronen Kofman, the director of Product Management, Oracle Virtualization and OpenStack; Kelly Stirman, directo of products, MongoDB; Roger Levy, vice-president of products, MariaDB and Tyler Hanna, director of technical marketing, Basho. 

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This wide-ranging conversation covers the challenges and opportunities for deploying databases in the cloud.  Some themes emerged in the discussion. 

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HP Helion Podcast About OpenStack Trove, Tesora and Database as a Service

Stephen Spector of HP chatted with our CEO Ken Rugg about OpenStack Trove and the latest Enterprise Database as a Service news.

Listen to the podcast

You can also check out the podcast on Youtube

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Deploying Trove in the Public Cloud at HP

Vipul HP Prezo.pngIn this video, Vipul Sabhaya, software development lead, HP Cloud, describes in great detail the technological specifications for deploying Trove in production as a public cloud service at HP. It includes how to run Trove in an HA mode, the configuration management tooling used and monitoring of  the key Trove components.

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Post #3: Replication and Clustering – A Look ahead



In previous blog posts (Replication and Clustering Part #1 and Implementation Details) we described the replication feature for Trove, and the implementation in the Client and the Task Manager in detail. In this post we describe some of the rationale for this implementation and the roadmap for features that provide performance and availability guarantees that are so critical for a database.

It is well recognized that solutions to problems of database performance and availability are closely interconnected. All of these solutions rely on the ability to have multiple copies of data, and to have multiple computers (that may or may not be at the same location) working together to provide the user with access to data.


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OpenStack Live 2015 ... April 13th and 14th in Santa Clara, CA!

In April I had the pleasure of participating in the first “OpenStack Today” event organized by Percona in conjunction with the Percona Live Conference.


Deploying OpenStack and Trove (DBaaS) at eBay

eBay at Trove Day.pngAre you wondering how to deploy OpenStack in a production environment?  Take a look at this video presentation by eBay software engineers Mat Lowery and Auston McReynolds. For the first time, they tell the eBay story during OpenStack Trove Day.

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